Policies to assist parents / carers can be found here. Contact the school if the policy you are looking for is not listed below.

School Code of Conduct

Behaviour Management/
School Wise Positive Behaviours Program

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Dress Code/Uniform

All schools have dress requirements for students which are developed by School Boards/Councils in consultation with students, their parents and staff of the school.

At Dalyellup Primary School, all students are encouraged to wear the prescribed school uniform on a daily basis.

This includes the wearing of a broad brimmed hat throughout the year, in accordance with the schools Sunsmart accreditation.

School Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is located at 4/118 Spencer Street, South Bunbury,  WA  6230:

  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm
  • Saturday  9.00am – 1.00pm

The uniform shop can be contacted on  9270 4664 email bunbury@uc.nellgray.com.au

Payment by cash, EFTPOS or credit card is requested with your order.

Internet/Computer Use

Dalyellup Primary School has access to the online services provided by the Department of Education and Training. These increase the range of teaching tools available to staff and will enhance the opportunities available to students.

Upon enrolment, parents will be issued with an Acceptable Usage Agreement, which is required to be signed and returned to the school prior to their child using on-line services at the school.

Sign in/out for students

Should you need to collect your child before the end of the school day (e.g. dental appointment), please call at the front office located on Hartog Road to sign them out. If the student returns to school, please return to the office to sign them back in.