iPad Program

As has been publicised previously, Dalyellup Primary School will continue with the parent funded 1 to 1 iPad program for the Year 4, 5 & 6 classes in 2016. Information sessions were held in 2015 for parents of Year 3 Students in preparation for their participation in the Program in 2016. For further information about the Program, please contact the school office.

The iPad has become an educational tool in your child’s toolkit to help meet curriculum requirements alongside (rather than instead of) more traditional tools like textbooks, pencils and paper. It is important to note that traditional methods of education such as writing in exercise books, etc., will not be replaced by the iPad, but rather complimented by the device.

During the first 3 years of our 1 to 1 iPad program we saw many successes across a range of Learning Areas, which has been supported by our own testing data along with our NAPLAN results. An increase in engagement and extension into student learning has also occurred as a result of the use of the iPad device in classrooms.

We have a strong commitment to the implementation of the Australian Curriculum, which states that in Digital Technologies students are actively engaged in the process of defining problems and opportunities, designing, implementing and evaluating digital solutions, and creating and sharing information that meets a range of current and future needs. These solutions and information are created through the application of computational and design thinking, and technical skills, which the iPad is the perfect tool for.

Enrolment Requirements

Parents who are considering purchasing an iPad for their child in Year 4, 5 or 6 in 2016 have a range of options available from a range of local retailers. For a complete package that involves setup, support and leasing options, Computer West in Busselton offer a complete iPad package, that includes the following at competitive prices:

  • An iPad device
  • Griffin Survivor Case
  • AppleCare – which extends the warranty and technical support for the iPad to 2 Years.
  • $50 iTunes gift card to purchase the small range of required paid apps that are critical to the program.
  • Care Pack – this involves complete setup of the device, including installation of all school required apps and continued technical support.
  • Free delivery to Dalyellup Primary School for parents to pick up.

Computer West also can assist with leasing devices which also include insurance through Flexiway Advantage. Forms for purchasing or leasing can be found at www.scribbleit.com.au/BYOD-program 
Required apps for 2021 for Year 4, 5 & 6 Students are listed in the below attachment.